Better Dick Pics

Get to know the model
Crumply sack with a stack or aesthetic prowess of your manhood? Professional dick pickers say sack-free pics get a better response. So, focus on the phallus and leave the scrotum out, that's the standard dick pic. The underside shot (underneath) can enhance the appearance of length. The angled full body shot in a mirror can be a real turn on as can an over camera with dick focus and body blur. If you're feeling overweight, a t-shirt is a great prop to soften the shot.

Don't forget to manscape, Wild Man of Borneo isn't flattering, and a trimmed pubic area will make your fellow look bigger.

If you're not comfortable taking a dick pic then don't, it is better to send a pic that you won't regret later.

Get to see the view
Pay attention to the view around your dick pic; you may have taken a professional shot only to have the toilet taking the highlight and destroy the ambience. Unless that's your thing, have a background that says I have considered the view or go the blur effect.

Lighting is a significant factor in the perfect dick pic. We've all see the dimly lit junk shot that looks like one of the villains in a gangster movie. Think about what lighting effect you want.
Spotlighting: Bright and all on show, use light to highlight your dick. Diffusing: Softer, dimmer lighting to enhance a silhouette, great if you've got a body shot with highlighted pubes. Shadowing: Use the light from one side to shadow across the body.

Use a picture filter to get the finished effect you're looking for, don't enlarge or distort the dick. Please don't say we didn't warn you. Remember you want to develop a mood or aesthetic to entice not repulse. Take the time now, and your pic maybe you're most impressive calling card.

Have fun, make this an experience that you'll enjoy and don't send out grainy, unthoughtful pics. The pic represents you so be proud.

Discretion is the better part of valour
We would provide the advice to be discreet with your pics. If you're super handsome, your face will delight and heighten the appeal. But your pic may end up on any website if you know what we mean.

If you have confidence in the recipient, then at least a single shot of the face with your little man will provide a more visually inspiring and mind-stimulating outcome. The dick pic may be sexual in nature, but the mind plays a pivotal role in desire.

Sage Advice
You've got the best dick pic EVER, and now you want to share your artwork. STOP. Remember, consent is critical. Don't invade a person's phone with unsolicited pics; you may insult, offend or the conversation for good. Think about it; timing is essential. Getting a pic at the wrong time for the receiver will slow down what you're trying to speed up. 

7 Tips On How To Take The Perfect Dick Pick