Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Not getting it up, getting you down? You’re not alone; it’s more common than you may think, and younger blokes aren’t immune.

Many guys have “unrealistic “ expectations or attitudes towards sex and erectile dysfunction (ED), causing masculinity or self-belief issues and damaging their sex life in the process. Understanding there are ways to deal with ED, Viagra or Cialis aren’t the only options and not always appropriate for all blokes.

Let’s get the journey started on getting your rock hard. 

1 in 2 Aussie blokes have had sexual difficulty in the past year.
Causes include physical and/or psychological issue(s)
1 in 10 blokes are unable to have erections
Bloke's on average last 5 minutes


  • ED is the inability to get or keep an erection that is firm enough for penetrative sexual activity.
  • ED can happen to any bloke; it's even normal to experience it occasionally.
  • ED becomes more prevalent with increasing age.
  • ED is not a disease, but a symptom of a physical and/or psychological health issue.
  • ED is increasing with 1 in 4 blokes with ED are under 40 years.
What is ED?

ED is the inability to get or keep an erection that is firm enough for penetrative sexual activity. ED can be recognised as 1, 2 or 3 on the erection hardness score.

ED is not a disease but is the manifestation of other issues or concerns. It may relate to blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, operations or other physical condition or a psychological problem such as stress. It can even be a combination of both physical and psychological contributing to your ED.

Being unable to get yourself a boner doesn't indicate the end of your sexual prowess. Most cases of ED are treatable or manageable. Understanding your ED and what's causing it is the start to dealing, treating and maybe ending your anxiety.

Erection Hardness Scale


  • ED causes are mostly physical at about 80%, being blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, operations or other physical condition.
  • ED caused by psychological causes are most commonly related to performance anxiety .
  • ED may be caused by recreational drugs with increasing difficulty with long-term use.
  • ED may be caused by desensitization due to oversubscription to porn.
ED Causes
ED Causes

The majority of the physical causes of ED are related to blood flow issues, diabetes, hormonal problems, obesity or physical damage to the penis.

It's a physical thing

Blood flow and heart conditions are the most common medical causes of ED, such as Atherosclerosis or vascular disease (a condition that causes clogged vessels), hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, diabetes (both Types 1 and 2), smoking or obesity.

Diseases that cause nerve damage, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, may cause ED or physical injuries that cause an interruption in the nerve pulse transmission between the brain and the penis will also affect the erection.

Hormonal imbalances from irregular testosterone production, steroids, overuse of cortisone, injecting growth hormones into the body or antiandrogen hormones used to help manage prostate cancer are all know to have an input to ED.

While a direct correlation has not been scientifically established between obesity and ED, the links between obesity onset diseases such as heart disease and diabetes are closely related to ED. 

Dealing with ED
Dealing with ED
It's a mental thing

Psychological ED is mainly associated with younger men or men suffering performance anxiety or nervousness. 90% of men may experience an episode of psychological ED during their life and is not permanent. Older men may experience psychological ED through workplace or relationship stress, loneliness, or a partner's death.

Chronic stress or anxiety cause stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline), suppress the production of the sex hormones making it more challenging to get or sustain an erection.

Depression and low self-worth can contribute to psychological ED and may result from ED (the vicious circle). ED increases by 39% in patients diagnosed with depression.

Religious stigma relating to sex and men or childhood abuse can also be the cause of psychological ED. 

Physical or Psychological?

If over time, you lost your hardon, it’s more than likely physical. If you still get morning wood or spontaneous erections, the problem may be psychological.

Don't feel confident talking with your regular doctor?

What it's not

Coming too quickly or early? This is know as premature ejaculation, about 30% of Aussie blokes are affected by it.

Premature Ejaculation
ED contributors

So what else can contribute to ED? The most common contributors are:
* Medications for hypertension, cholesterol, depression, heart medicines, opioids;
* Recreational drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, MDMA, dextroamphetamine, marijuana and nicotine; and
* Pornography over-subscription (too much porn) can de-sensitise. 

Porn Hard?

Do you find you can only get hard or climax using porn? It might be time for a break and have a chat with a doctor or psychologist. 


  • Leading causes of ED may be managed by healthier lifestyle options.
  • If porn is a contributor to your ED seek out assistance or tools to support your journey.
  • Herbal supplements may support erectile function, but additional research is required to demonstrate the effectiveness.
  • Several effective oral prescription medicines are available to help treat erectile difficulties.
  • Minimally-invasive treatments or surgery are an option for men who don't benefit from oral medication.
ED Treatments and Prevention

1. Releases hormones, supports libido;
2. Stimulates blood-flow; and
3. Supports confidence.

Eat Right
Research demonstrates that blokes who eat a traditional Mediterranean diet have a lower risk of ED.

The Vices
Quitting smoking can improve your ED, and the earlier you stop, the better. A couple of drinks may support your bedroom anxiety, but over drinking can cause ED.

Ditch the Stress
 If you're feeling stressed or have performance anxiety take a breath and de-stress or talk about your concerns with your partner.

Sleep naturally assists in reducing stress and keeps the immune system healthy, which is essential for energy and a healthy sex drive. 

Seek Assistance
If your ED is psychological-based such as performance anxiety or depression, therapy from a trained psychologist, doctor or psychiatrist can help.

Kegel It
Yep, not just for women strengthening their pelvic floor. How do you find them? While urinating stop mid-stream, feel them? Hold these muscles then release. 10-20 reps a day.

Get Real
Over-watching and over- masturbating to porn can desensitise you to sex in real life, leading to erectile difficulties and relationship issues.

Non-Invasive Medical Treatments
Australian law prevents us from talking about certain medications, so we've zipped it.

What we can say, though, is that there are clinically proven oral medications to treat ED that are effective in the majority of men. These are often the best starting points for effective treatment. Our partner MOSH provides a free consultation with 100% text-based doctor consults. So no need for nerves.

Dealing with ED

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