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What is average? How do you measure up?


Dick Pics

What are the ins and outs of taking the perfect intimate pic?



Discovering yourself with self-play, How well do you know you?



All men fall into one camp or another, which are you?



Do you ever feel inadequate? Don't, look at the reality behind porn.



Thinking you may be kinky or have a fetish? Do you identify with these?



The penis is pretty amazing, but still remains an enigma for some.



What intimate toys do blokes use to have fun? These are the top 5 sellers.



Something not right downstairs? Use the symptom checker for advice.




PENIS SIZE:The long and short of it.

Most men at some time in their lives wonder if their penis is big enough, long enough or wide enough. So we've gathered the science to put an end to the anxiety. Here are the facts.

Grower or Shower?

79% of men identify as growers with 21% identifying as showers.


The average time for intercourse is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

6 Seconds

The average male orgasm last 6 seconds, for women 23 seconds.

Soft Penis

The smallest recorded penis was 1.5 cm, while the longest recorded was 27.9 cm.

Hard Penis

The erect lenght of a penis is from 12-16 cm. The average Australian penis is 15.7 cm.


1. Grab a soft measuring tape.
2. Get an erection.
3. Measure from your pubic bone, right to the end of the tip. There ya go! Measure your girth by wrapping the tape measure around your shaft at the base while erect.
  • What's Small? Medical doctors utilse a threshold when considering penile augmentation. This threshold is men with a flacid length of under 4 cm , or an erect length shorter that 7.5 cm would be considered for the surgical procedure. Research
  • What's Average? Numerous international studies reveal that the average man has a penis which measures 8.8 cm when flaccid and 12.9 cm when erect. Studies have also concluded that there was no correlation between erect and flaccid penises. An American study had 1,600 men in 2014 take their penis measurements. The results were harmonious with other studies and concluded that the average erect penis in the US was 14.2 cm with a circumference of 12.2 cm. Research
  • Partner Satisfaction? The downward view of your penis may make it appear smaller than from other angles. Research. The comparison from your top-down view and comparing it with other men's genitals from a different perspective may reinforce false ideas of your penis size. But do partners have a more dependable view? One study suggested that while the majority, some 85 per cent, were satisfied with their partner's package, guys seemed less sure of themselves. Research. 45% of the studied men thought they had a smaller penis, but researchers found that a smaller size penis was very unusual. Research. In another study, it found that it was only a "substantial" issue to a "clear minority" of the respondents. The majority of men's anxiety about penis size looks at the length, respondents are more interested in width, according to one study. Research. Another study reported that for a majority — 9 out of 10 of the respondents — penis girth was more important to sexual satisfaction than penis length.

Soft Facts

* Flaccid lengths averaged 7 to 10 centimetres.
* Flaccid circumferences averaged 9 to 10 centimetres.

Hard Facts

* Erect lengths averaged 12 to 16 centimetres.
* Erect circumference averaged 12 centimetres. 

What Works?

Another study utilised 3D models of 33 different shape and sizes. The models ranged from 10 cm to 21.5 cm in length, and from 6 cm to 18 cm in circumference, based on average American penis size when erect of 15.2 cm long with a circumference of 12.7 cm. The 3D models were blue so as not to influence respondents as to race etc. The 75 participants indicated their size preferences from the blue models chose diversely depending on the kind sex they were thinking about but; demonstrated that in the end to be only slightly above the averages found across studies:

  • For long-term sexual partners, the penis was a slightly shorter circumference and length compared with their choices for one-night stands, choosing an average length of 16 cm and a girth of 12 cm.
  • For casual sex partners, the desired length was 16.5 cm and a circumference of 12.5 cm.
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Penis Size and Weight

The study found a weak correlation between greater BMI and shorter erect penile length when this was measured from the skin over the pubic area, but not when the measurement was made from the bone to the tip.

This suggests that the penis would appear to be shorter when there is more fat under the skin at the visible base of the penis.

All Things Being Equal

The scientific research demonstrates the facts behind the misinformation, and anxiety men may have over their penis. You have what you have, and if you’re using it right, there shouldn’t be an issue.

If you are still concerned or have anxiety talk with your doctor or contact mensline to discuss or deal with your concerns. 


COCKSOX | Supporting manhood since 2006


So, you've decided to go down the path of the dick pic? You want to profile your Johnson for a dating app, for someone special or just for posterity. Execution is the key; let's face it a man's junk isn't beautiful. In fact, without effort, it can look somewhat alien and super off-putting. To ensure you're putting your best feature forward in a more appealing manner here is some photographic advice on taking a dick pic that works.


Get to know the model
Crumply sack with a stack or aesthetic prowess of your manhood? Professional dick pickers say sack-free pics get a better response. So, focus on the phallus and leave the scrotum out, that's the standard dick pic. The underside shot (underneath) can enhance the appearance of length. The angled full body shot in a mirror can be a real turn on as can an over camera with dick focus and body blur. If you're feeling overweight, a t-shirt is a great prop to soften the shot.

Don't forget to manscape, Wild Man of Borneo isn't flattering, and a trimmed pubic area will make your fellow look bigger.

If you're not comfortable taking a dick pic then don't, it is better to send a pic that you won't regret later.

Get to see the view
Pay attention to the view around your dick pic; you may have taken a professional shot only to have the toilet taking the highlight and destroy the ambience. Unless that's your thing, have a background that says I have considered the view or go the blur effect.

Lighting is a significant factor in the perfect dick pic. We've all see the dimly lit junk shot that looks like one of the villains in a gangster movie. Think about what lighting effect you want.
Spotlighting: Bright and all on show, use light to highlight your dick. Diffusing: Softer, dimmer lighting to enhance a silhouette, great if you've got a body shot with highlighted pubes. Shadowing: Use the light from one side to shadow across the body.

Use a picture filter to get the finished effect you're looking for, don't enlarge or distort the dick. Please don't say we didn't warn you. Remember you want to develop a mood or aesthetic to entice not repulse. Take the time now, and your pic maybe you're most impressive calling card.

Have fun, make this an experience that you'll enjoy and don't send out grainy, unthoughtful pics. The pic represents you so be proud.

Discretion is the better part of valour
We would provide the advice to be discreet with your pics. If you're super handsome, your face will delight and heighten the appeal. But your pic may end up on any website if you know what we mean.

If you have confidence in the recipient, then at least a single shot of the face with your little man will provide a more visually inspiring and mind-stimulating outcome. The dick pic may be sexual in nature, but the mind plays a pivotal role in desire.

Sage Advice
You've got the best dick pic EVER, and now you want to share your artwork. STOP. Remember, consent is critical. Don't invade a person's phone with unsolicited pics; you may insult, offend or the conversation for good. Think about it; timing is essential. Getting a pic at the wrong time for the receiver will slow down what you're trying to speed up. 



Research scientists have found that regular self-play (masturbation) to ejaculation has a large number of health benefits, including a 33% reduction in the likelihood of developing prostate tumours. That’s not to say it’s all play guys. Diet and exercise are also required to be healthy. The research even provided a recommended monthly total. That enjoyable number is 21. So, let’s take a look at self-play and getting the most out of self-discovery.

Getting Yourself Off
Do you have your technique for getting yourself off? You’re not alone most blokes have their favourite way of self-pleasuring. But when you get down to it, we’re mostly similar. Most guys like to pull off at a 45° to 90° angle. That’s were the orgasm is easiest. Deeper pitch than a 90° angle is too painful for most.

Self-Play is more than sexual
Exercise is always a benefit for the mind and body. Activity along with masturbation releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone. Additional benefits include increased sex drive, better blood flow, higher quality sleep, stress relief, and it’s much fun. So with this many benefits and a healthy target of 21 climaxes per month, it’s best not to bore it down with the same old tug-o-war. 


It's all abot you
Self-play doesn’t have to be the tug-and-run. Take your time and use this pleasurable time self-exploration.

Set the tone:
• Release yourself from other thoughts and enjoy the here and now;
• Tease and edge yourself;
• Set the room up for your pleasure: candles, music, scent; and
• Enjoy your favourite porn or pics.

Variety is the spice of life
Don’t go straight to the old faithful move change it, vary it try something new. Reveal new sensations by varying your standard position:

Standard PositionAlternate Position
Stand Lean against wall
AnyOn all fours

Taking your time and not rushing, unless that’s the turn on. You are varying the stroke speed and feeling your body with your other hand. Discover your alternative turn on.

Merely changing your stroking hand may lead to a more intense orgasm or try pressing your penis against your stomach and using your “other” hand stroke the underside of your shaft.

Gyrating or thrusting your hips while masturbating may alter intensity. Try using a circular or back-and-forth movement increasing speed as you get nearer to orgasm.
The up-and-down tug may be the standard, but a long twisting stroke from base to tip or rubbing the knob in a circular motion may be the way to experiment to a better stroke a or pleasure outcome.

Your balls aren’t for looking at either they have almost as many nerves as the penis. Pulling down on your balls may prolong your play or intensify ejaculation.

The little trail bit between your balls and bum, the perineum can be a real eye-opener for some blokes, so touch it softly or massage it while masturbating.

Other male erogenous areas include the nipples, mouth, ears, neck and lips so have a little rub, pull, pinch, squeeze or tug to discover your self-love buzz. 


The prostate is also known as the male G-spot. It’s about the size of a walnut and lives between the bladder and rectum. For some, it’s a particularly touchy subject, but if you’ve never experienced the intense full-body orgasm, now may be the time for a try.

Don’t fly right in; it is preferable to prepare and ready yourself. Evacuate and clean the area before self-discovery. Some people prefer gloves and lubrication to get themselves started.

When you’re ready, start by slowly rubbing the outside of your anal opening (bumhole). If you’re enjoying this then gently start rubbing the inside, then gradually insert your finger to massage your prostate, you’ll know when you’ve reached it. Increase the speed and motion as your pleasure continues to build until you’re ready to come.

If inserting your finger sounds sooo not like you, try some of the great anal toys that are available. Don’t feel shy or ashamed; this is about your self-discovery, and you’re not alone. Prostate massager sales have increased by 58% over the past five years. Some of the most popular men’s adult toys are prostate stimulators, pocket strokers, auto-masturbators and e-stimulation devices. Good adult toy retailers such as Naughty Boy and Adultshop provide a discreet online, plain wrap delivery service where you can even play now, pay later.


Got the time to enjoy yourself? Try edging or orgasm control, by extending your playtime; you’ll have a more intense orgasm. Simply enjoy the stroking until you’re approaching orgasm and then stop altogether. Then re-start until you reach the same point and stop. Continue until you explode if you don’t.

Enjoy your self-discovery, your own body and feeling new sensations and what turns you on with self-play and enjoy all the added health benefits. 



Blokes today usually place themselves into one of two camps when it comes to their penis size. You’re a grower or a shower. For the uninitiated, we’re referring to the size of a penis flaccid and erect when on show. Let’s break it down; a grower has a penis which has significant variances between flaccid and erect states while a shower has a penis, which remains a similar size when either erect or flaccid.

Research has shown that growers are a rarer breed than previously thought. About twenty-six per cent of men fit the definition of a grower.

The research team investigated the erectile behaviours of men using ultrasound and after a two-year study came out with some fascinating data. 

The Growers
Research data states that the average change from flaccid to erect in men was four centimetres, length and girth. Therefore, a grower was designated as a man whose penis extended higher than the average.

The study found that growers may appear smaller when flaccid but were more likely to be larger than a shower by two point four centimetres with an erection. The average grower erect was fifteen and a half centimetres. 


The Showers
Showers were already large in a flaccid state with the average shower growth measuring at five point three centimetres and thirteen point one centimetres while erect. Seventy-four per cent of men were categorised as showers. Showers have a more significant flaccid presence while growers have a tremendous erect presence.

The research data provides no data on what determines whether a man will become a grower or shower, but at least you have the facts. 



Do you ever feel inadequate when you compare yourself to a porn star? Well, let's put some of the on-screen fantasy with everyday reality and see where we end up. You'll be surprised how you stack up too.

The average male porn performer will be eight to twelve years younger than the role he's playing. Be about 2cm taller and around 13kg lighter than the average joe. The porn star will have about 45 sexual partners per year compared with 6 for the ordinary bloke. Mind you the average bloke has more tattoos, 26% vs 24.4%. That mighty male porn star has an average 20.3cm penis; the Aussie average is 15.7cm.

It's essential to be aware of the divergence of porn from reality. Porn is fantasy, so don't worry about matching standards that aren't real in the first place. The key is to enjoy yourself and your partner and the authentic experiences you have.

Porn Sex vs Real Sex
If you've ever watched porn, and if you've ever had sex, you know that the two are very different. But what are the differences, specifically? Whet your appetite and watch the video! 



Kink or fetish, what's yours? A fetish usually refers to the attraction to an object, including body parts, like a foot fetish. Kink is considered a sexual activity which is different from societal norms; you would be mistaken to believe that these belong to a minority of twisted people. This is only a shortlist to demonstrate popular kinks and fetishes. Do you identify with any of these?

BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism—the four pillars of kinky excitement. Let's break it down:
The BD is when a person is restrained, and the other uses discipline on the confined person. Safewords and boundaries must always be set before play and must never be broken with BDSM; it may be considered assault.

The DS is both in the mental and physical realms of domination. This power play utilises a dominant person (who gets sexual pleasure from the domination) who inflicts their domination on the submissive person through chocking, whipping or slapping or name-calling or insulting (the list goes on, but you get the idea) to demonstrate their power over the submissive partner. The passive partner gets sexual pleasure from surrendering their autonomy.

The SM is all pain and humiliation. A sadist will draw their sexual pleasure from inflicting pain or humiliating their partner while the masochist obtains pleasure from being humiliated or accepting pain. 


When one partner watches the other partner having sexual relations with another person. The watcher receives their sexual pleasure by the humiliation.

Voyeurism and Exhibitionism
Voyeurism involves getting sexual pleasure from watching other people have sex (with their consent, of course). Exhibitionism consists of the opposite by letting other people view you having sex. Group sex is one usual place when this kink comes to the fore.

Group Sex
The good old orgy or group sex occurs when four or more people engage in consensual sex in the same participation space—swinging or when couples exchange partners for sexual pleasure is one form of group sex. Swingers clubs or sex parties are one method for individuals or couples interested in exploring group sex to see if they feel comfortable.    


Foot Fetish and Pedal Pumping
This is a popular fetish; this is when a person receives sexual gratification from anything to do with feet. From touching, kissing, licking, smelling feet or having feet in the mouth, face, on the body or squashing gentiles.
Pedal pumping is when pleasure is derived from watching a person pump a car accelerator in a masturbatory rhythm while wearing footwear to the liking or just bare feet.

Do you enjoy self-play or having sex in front of a mirror or mirrors? That's this kink.

Double Penetration and Spit Roasting
Double penetration is when two penises or objects are inserted into a vagina or the anus at the same time. Spit roasting is when oral and vaginal/anal is co-occurring. 


Orgasm Control
The dominant party brings their submissive partner close to orgasm and stops before the climax. Allowing the dominant partner to control when or if the submissive partner climaxes. The dominant may even place a chastity belt on the submissive partner.

Sexual pleasure is achieved from the sight, thought, smell or taste of urination. Participants might enjoy watching their partner urinate or get off when their partner urinates on them, also called a golden shower.

Objectum Sexuality
The sexual attraction for an inanimate object. More commonly today this occurs with sex toys such as sex dolls and vibrators but can be for any object. 


Erotic E-stimulation
Erotic electrostimulation involves the application of mild electrical currents to areas of the body for sexual stimulation. These electrical currents are usually applied to a person's genital area - including the penis, scrotum, clitoris, and vagina - although other areas of the body may also be subject to erotic electrostimulation. For safety, it is best to use e-stim toys rather than other dangerous methods.

CBT or cock ball torture encompasses inflicting pain on a man's penis or testicles. BNT or breast nipple torture involves inflicting pain on breasts or nipples.

Fisting is the insertion of the entire fist or hand into an orifice – mouth, vagina or anus. 


Role-playing is acting out a sexual fantasy with your partner or others; it can occur as a one-off or as a regular ongoing fantasy. While it can be a fetish or kink within itself, it's also a healthy way to act out other fantasies. The wonder of role-playing is that you and your partner dress up as whatever you feel like and indulge your fantasy consensually in your own home. Role-playing scenarios vary, and it's not unusual for a fetish to overlap into one or more categories.

Wax Play
Using melted wax for sexual pleasure. Some candles exist to burn at a temperature perfect for skin, so don't just rip out the dinner table candles unless you're prepared.

Uniform and Fabric Fetish
Like to wear or see uniforms or leather, latex, satin or lace? This is a fun fetish, and you can get caught up in the subcultures that come with them. Don't be limited to just wearing leather. Latex, satin, and lace any materials can be sexual and are commonly used in the scene.

Being kinky used to carry a stigma, but it's slowly becoming acceptable. Most of these kinks are far from becoming mainstream. Kink isn't fun for everyone, so remember it's all about regular people learning to allow their sexual desires to be fulfilled; and that bloody marvellous.

For a more extensive list of kinks, fetishes and terminology, click here



Questions and answers from blokes.

Yep sure can. It’s uncommon, but does occur. The penis is boneless and has chambers that inflate with blood when erect. If you are a little too firm, bend it too far or get a little too vigorous the chambers can tear. It is painful and some report a cracking noise when it happens. It will become swollen and bruised and it’s best to visit your medical provider for assistance.

Scientific evidence shows through ultrasound that erections can occur in the mother’s womb. Some males are even born with erections and they are even common with nappy changes.

If you’ve been hard for over 4 hours and you’re not turned on you may have a medical condition named priapism. Physical activity, cold shower or ice packs may help. Seek medical assistance.

Small bumps similar to goose bumps on your scrotum or shaft are common; usually they are pimples or ingrown hairs. Bumps on the penis head are named pearly penile papules. If anything, else appears which hurts, bleeds or oozes, best see your medical provider.

The erect length of a penis is from 12-16 cm. The average Australian penis is 15.7 cm. Don’t be fooled. When looking downwards you may seem smaller. Look at yourself through a mirror, see much better.

Nup, no way. Many scientific studies have proven there is no correlation to hand, nose, finger or feet size and your penis.


Men usually have three to five erections every night. It is believed the night erections might help keep your penis healthy.

No, during sex semen has more and healthier sperm than with masturbation ejaculation.

Penises are not symmetric. They naturally hang to the left or right. The right testicle on average is larger while the left testicle usually hangs lower. It may even bow in either direction when erect.

No, pills may increase blood flow to your penis, but your penis will not get any bigger.

For men with PE there are a number of therapies,including psychological therapy, topical numbing creams or sprays that decrease penis sensitivity, and antidepressants, which some doctors prescribe off-label to help with PE. 

Not all STIs have symptoms or show up on the penis. The only way to know for sure whether you're STI-free is to get tested.



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