Manscaping Right

The Aussie bloke's guide to body grooming and keeping body hair looking its best.


No body knows really. It is suspected that curly hair holds pheromones secreted from sweat glands around the groin area better.

Sidebar - it's theorised that pre-modern man had a pleasant pungent odour wafting from their junk and was actually considered an aphrodisiac.

Most pubes grow between 25mm and 38m.

As you age and your testosterone decreases, usually in your 50s, you’ll start to notice things are a little less bushy down there.


Manscaping makes your nether regions look neat and can lower your risk of zymosis and looks better for you and for your partner.

You don't have to go crazy with the clipper. For some people, hair is attractive. For instance, chest hair is manly and pleasant to look at, unless you're looking gorilla-like, then you're getting rather niche. Hair does have terminal length, the point the follicle stops growing and replaces it with a new hair it. That's why your chest hair might maintain a perfect range without the clippers.
Clipping or trimming does allow for a neat and tidy appearance, and that's a good thing. But remember each pubic area does have different grooming needs.

Understand the Wax and Shave Requirements
If you're after the complete smooth body look waxing and shaving are probably the best choice.

Shaving will give you a small amount of smooth time and is preferably less painful than waxing. Shaving is a better option, for example, if you're off to the beach tomorrow and need a hair-free chest or back. Waxing requires healing time if you don't want to look like a plucked chicken.

If you've got time waxing is way more effective and give you about 2 weeks of the smoothness you're looking for. Waxing isn't subtle, it's ripping hair from the skin after all. Defoliating your skin leaves the pores more prone to bacteria, dirt, sweat, and other nasties. Aftercare is the key to healthy skin guys.

High-friction areas, like between your legs, and/or the buttocks waxing is the better deal, lots of guys, especially athletes, do this. Shaving these areas will only bring you pain. The regrowth and stubble will annoy the hell out of you. It's always a good idea to let the treated area get some air afterwards too.

Be Kind To Your Body
Remember a hot shower before to open the pores before you manscape, and a cold splash of water after to tighten them. Aftercare treatment is just as necessary as your facial regime. Check out the Dollar Shave Club.

Hygiene is crucial
Always clean your body before you shave or wax. A new razor is required every time. Otherwise, you're at risk of infection or ingrown hairs.

If a rash or breakout follows a shave or wax, apply a disinfecting face or body wash. It will clear up in a couple of days.

Trim Easy
Trimming is easier to do than waxing or shaving. Trimmers don't penetrate the skin, so you've got to fret less about infections, preparations, and hygiene. If you'll be able to tolerate trimming more frequently than you'd otherwise shave or wax, get an honest body groomer, try the super range at Shaver Shop.

Body trimmers can trim right down to a fine stubble, so you appear smooth. And you may be, for a few days. Then, another easy trim with the groomer will keep you tidy and pain-free. (Plus, you get the various guard lengths.) It's an all-in-one tool. Invest.


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