Getting Yourself Off

Research scientists have found that regular self-play (masturbation) to ejaculation has a large number of health benefits, including a 33% reduction in the likelihood of developing prostate tumours. That’s not to say it’s all play guys. Diet and exercise are also required to be healthy. The research even provided a recommended monthly total. That enjoyable number is 21. So, let’s take a look at self-play and getting the most out of self-discovery.

Getting Yourself Off

Do you have your technique for getting yourself off? You’re not alone most blokes have their favourite way of self-pleasuring. But when you get down to it, we’re mostly similar. Most guys like to pull off at a 45° to 90° angle. That’s were the orgasm is easiest. Deeper pitch than a 90° angle is too painful for most.

Self-Play is more than sexual
Exercise is always a benefit for the mind and body. Activity along with masturbation releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone. Additional benefits include increased sex drive, better blood flow, higher quality sleep, stress relief, and it’s much fun. So with this many benefits and a healthy target of 21 climaxes per month, it’s best not to bore it down with the same old tug-o-war. 

Getting Yourself Off

It's all about you
Self-play doesn’t have to be the tug-and-run. Take your time and use this pleasurable time self-exploration.

Set the tone:
• Release yourself from other thoughts and enjoy the here and now;
• Tease and edge yourself;
• Set the room up for your pleasure: candles, music, scent; and
• Enjoy your favourite porn or pics.

Variety is the spice of life
Don’t go straight to the old faithful move change it, vary it try something new. Reveal new sensations by varying your standard position:

Standard | Alternative

Lay vs Sit

Sit vs Stand

Stand vs Lean Against the Wall

Any vs On All Fours

Getting Yourself Off

Taking your time and not rushing, unless that’s the turn on. You are varying the stroke speed and feeling your body with your other hand. Discover your alternative turn on.

Merely changing your stroking hand may lead to a more intense orgasm or try pressing your penis against your stomach and using your “other” hand stroke the underside of your shaft.

Gyrating or thrusting your hips while masturbating may alter intensity. Try using a circular or back-and-forth movement increasing speed as you get nearer to orgasm.
The up-and-down tug may be the standard, but a long twisting stroke from base to tip or rubbing the knob in a circular motion may be the way to experiment to a better stroke a or pleasure outcome.

Your balls aren’t for looking at either they have almost as many nerves as the penis. Pulling down on your balls may prolong your play or intensify ejaculation.

The little trail bit between your balls and bum, the perineum can be a real eye-opener for some blokes, so touch it softly or massage it while masturbating.

Other male erogenous areas include the nipples, mouth, ears, neck and lips so have a little rub, pull, pinch, squeeze or tug to discover your self-love buzz. 

Getting Yourself Off

The prostate is also known as the male G-spot. It’s about the size of a walnut and lives between the bladder and rectum. For some, it’s a particularly touchy subject, but if you’ve never experienced the intense full-body orgasm, now may be the time for a try.

Don’t fly right in; it is preferable to prepare and ready yourself. Evacuate and clean the area before self-discovery. Some people prefer gloves and lubrication to get themselves started.

When you’re ready, start by slowly rubbing the outside of your anal opening (bumhole). If you’re enjoying this then gently start rubbing the inside, then gradually insert your finger to massage your prostate, you’ll know when you’ve reached it. Increase the speed and motion as your pleasure continues to build until you’re ready to come.

If inserting your finger sounds sooo not like you, try some of the great anal toys that are available. Don’t feel shy or ashamed; this is about your self-discovery, and you’re not alone. Prostate massager sales have increased by 58% over the past five years. Some of the most popular men’s adult toys are prostate stimulators, pocket strokers, auto-masturbators and e-stimulation devices. Good adult toy retailers such as Adultshop provide a discreet online, plain wrap delivery service where you can even play now, pay later.

Getting Yourself Off

Got the time to enjoy yourself? Try edging or orgasm control, by extending your playtime; you’ll have a more intense orgasm. Simply enjoy the stroking until you’re approaching orgasm and then stop altogether. Then re-start until you reach the same point and stop. Continue until you explode if you don’t.

Enjoy your self-discovery, your own body and feeling new sensations and what turns you on with self-play and enjoy all the added health benefits. 

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