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The Aussie bloke's guide to the penis. Are you a grower or shower? Plus the penis Q&A.



Blokes today usually place themselves into one of two camps when it comes to their penis size. You’re a grower or a shower. For the uninitiated, we’re referring to the size of a penis flaccid and erect when on show. Let’s break it down; a grower has a penis which has significant variances between flaccid and erect states while a shower has a penis, which remains a similar size when either erect or flaccid.

Research has shown that growers are a rarer breed than previously thought. About twenty-six per cent of men fit the definition of a grower.

The research team investigated the erectile behaviours of men using ultrasound and after a two-year study came out with some fascinating data. 

The Growers
Research data states that the average change from flaccid to erect in men was four centimetres, length and girth. Therefore, a grower was designated as a man whose penis extended higher than the average.

The study found that growers may appear smaller when flaccid but were more likely to be larger than a shower by two point four centimetres with an erection. The average grower erect was fifteen and a half centimeters. 


The Showers
Showers were already large in a flaccid state with the average shower growth measuring at five point three centimetres and thirteen point one centimeters while erect. Seventy-four per cent of men were categorised as showers. Showers have a more significant flaccid presence while growers have a tremendous erect presence.

The research data provides no data on what determines whether a man will become a grower or shower, but at least you have the facts. 



Questions and answers from blokes.

Yep sure can. It’s uncommon, but does occur. The penis is boneless and has chambers that inflate with blood when erect. If you are a little too firm, bend it too far or get a little too vigorous the chambers can tear. It is painful and some report a cracking noise when it happens. It will become swollen and bruised and it’s best to visit your medical provider for assistance.

Scientific evidence shows through ultrasound that erections can occur in the mother’s womb. Some males are even born with erections and they are even common with nappy changes.

If you’ve been hard for over 4 hours and you’re not turned on you may have a medical condition named priapism. Physical activity, cold shower or ice packs may help. Seek medical assistance.

Small bumps similar to goose bumps on your scrotum or shaft are common; usually they are pimples or ingrown hairs. Bumps on the penis head are named pearly penile papules. If anything, else appears which hurts, bleeds or oozes, best see your medical provider.

The erect length of a penis is from 12-16 cm. The average Australian penis is 15.7 cm. Don’t be fooled. When looking downwards you may seem smaller. Look at yourself through a mirror, see much better.

Nup, no way. Many scientific studies have proven there is no correlation to hand, nose, finger or feet size and your penis.


Men usually have three to five erections every night. It is believed the night erections might help keep your penis healthy.

No, during sex semen has more and healthier sperm than with masturbation ejaculation.

Penises are not symmetric. They naturally hang to the left or right. The right testicle on average is larger while the left testicle usually hangs lower. It may even bow in either direction when erect.

No, pills may increase blood flow to your penis, but your penis will not get any bigger.

For men with PE there are a number of therapies, including psychological therapy, topical numbing creams or sprays that decrease penis sensitivity, and antidepressants, which some doctors prescribe off-label to help with PE. 

Not all STIs have symptoms or show up on the penis. The only way to know for sure whether you're STI-free is to get tested.

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