Nothing Compares To You

Do you ever feel inadequate when you compare yourself to a porn star? Well, let's put some of the on-screen fantasy with everyday reality and see where we end up. You'll be surprised how you stack up too.

The average male porn performer will be eight to twelve years younger than the role he's playing. Be about 2cm taller and around 13kg lighter than the average Joe. The porn star will have about 45 sexual partners per year compared with 6 for the ordinary bloke. Mind you the average bloke has more tattoos, 26% vs 24.4%. That mighty male porn star has an average 20.3cm penis; the Aussie average is 15.7cm.

It's essential to be aware of the divergence of porn from reality. Porn is fantasy, so don't worry about matching standards that aren't real in the first place. The key is to enjoy yourself and your partner and the authentic experiences you have.

Porn Sex vs Real Sex
If you've ever watched porn, and if you've ever had sex, you know that the two are very different. But what are the differences, specifically? Whet your appetite and watch the video below! If you feel like you need assistance or would like to talk about it get in touch with Mensline Australia or call
1300 78 9978.


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